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    Has anyone else noticed their Pre 2s loosing track of time FAST without access to network time of carrier? Just overnight for me, my stock Pre 2 will be 10mins behind. My 1.4.5 device in 24hrs looses a min tops. Some loss is acceptable with derrivative uses but 10mins in just a day...

    Yes I know clock sync but doing testing without it. Let me know fellow breatheren!
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    Not even close. In fact, I think it only even runs while the screen is on. I'm not sure if there is a solution to sync time to anything else besides a carrier.

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    Mine does fine if I keep it on the Touchstone, but if I have to do a battery pull, the clock resets ..

    Another thing I've noticed is that my Pre+ (developer, WiFi only, no cell connection) will lose up to an hour when it is on the Touchstone, but it doesn't lose nearly that much when off it...
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    Is there a way we can get HP to look into this? Is there somewhere we can post bugs? I think it needs to be solved ASAP.

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