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    Didn't see any information about this, so I thought I would post. When I add my Google Apps for Education calendars, they all show up, but the only one I can add an event to is my work calendar. I have a personal calendar, one for my daughter's school district etc. and it will not let me add events to them even though I am the owner.

    Also the battery life is terrible. Suggestions?
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    Have you gone into the calendar settings and enabled the calendar for mobile?

    In terms of battery, set the email app to "as it arrives" and then do a title search here on battery or battery life for many threads with dozens of tips on battery life.
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    Are you able to make calendar events for all your Google Apps calendars? The mobile setting is turned on. I believe you mean in the dashboard for Google Apps?
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    no, I am talking about calendar settings.

    And yes, I am able to create appointments on the phone that sync to the web.

    If nothing else works, remove the account from email and calendar apps. Wait a little while and then add it back.

    If none of that works, create another gmail account - and enable it for mobile - and then see if you have the same issue with that account. I'm betting you wont. But, that will give you a space to play in while you troubleshoot.
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    I can sync events to the web, however this is a Google Apps for Education account. Not a personal one. My personal one syncs fine.

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