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    Hey all,

    Let me start by saying that I really want to love my Pre2 but am having issues...
    Here's my list if anyone can help me

    1) If I add a calendar item directly into google calendar on the web, all is fine and it syncs fine to my Pre 2. But if I add a new calendar item directly on the phone, I end up with 2-4 copies of the same agenda entry (both on the phone and online).

    2) The bluetooth is not working well in my car (only part of my address book shows up on Lincoln My Touch - my BB 9780, samsung captivate on android and samsung focus on WP7 all work perfectly btw). I cannot find any bluetooth settings anywhere and cannot get it to work.

    3) The battery is terrible - I am lucky to get 5 hours out of it (and I have set mail to only fetch every 15 minutes, etc)... Is this normal ??

    4) Music sync - songs are not in order and the music remix app will not work

    5) Contacts are not in alphabetical order in the favourites section of the dialer, and the photos disappear intermittently

    6) A little light on apps, but most of the essentials are there so I can live with this...

    I really love a lot of things about this phone (the OS is really nice, great web browser, perfect form factor, decent keyboard, universal search, great email app, innovative multi tasking, etc).. And I have tried many other phones to compare. But the above mentioned issues are potential deal breakers IMO.

    Are any of them fixable?
    Is there a new OS coming soon (2.1) that may fix some issues?

    Any feedback is much appreciated,
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    5 hours of heavy use is about right. A little more after the newness wears off. Get a touchstone for your car. It's the perfect car mount.

    In the dialer favorites you can just move them around into any order, but always make sure your wife is on top. She will check that when you aren't looking.

    The calendar and bluetooth things are weird. You might want to grab a log file as soon as that happens an report it to Palm.

    Music apps will get updates as soon as everything is finalized to the app developers can release updates.
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    Thanks for the quick reply

    Yes it's heavy use no doubt, I use the phone a lot. Especially cuz its new, correcto !!! I actually ordered 2 touchstones, one for my car and one for the office, seems like the perfect car mount and desk mount.

    Kewl I didnt realize that about dialer faves, of course ze wife goes first hahahaa

    How would I grab a log file for the calendar and bluetooth issues?

    Great about the music app. This isn't a deal breaker for me anyways... Its more the address book not syncing in my car, and the calendar not syncing. I mean, I can always enter calendar entries from my desktop /laptop, but shouldn't have to...

    Thanks again
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    I keep having the disappearing photos in my contacts as well. Can't seem to put my finger on it...rebooting doesn't seem to help, though it does seem to shuffle the missing pictures around to different contacts. Not a huge deal but a bit irritating.

    I haven't had the duplicate entry problem with Google Calendar entries, but have experienced the same behavior with Google Contacts created on the phone. Two contacts in particular had been created 100+ times when I went to check in Gmail. Sounds similar.

    Do you have the problem where Google calendar entries created on the phone fire a reminder at 0 minutes even when no reminder is set? No issues when the same entries are created on the web and synced to the phone.
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    I believe that primary contact has to have the photo or it will be blank.

    The contact/event duplication almost sounds like a google problem. Can you guys create a test google account and see if the problem shows up again?

    Recently I had a wacky gmail issue with contacts. Eventually I exported everything from gmail into a new account and the problem went away. So I deleted them from my real gmail account and then uploaded them back to gmail from the export file. Problem solved, as if something in the contact data was corrupt on the gmail side.
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    Doesn't seem to matter if it's the primary contact or not; some of my contacts that don't have any linked profiles at all are some of the worst offenders for the disappearing picture act.

    I can certainly try with a test Google account though I've never had problems syncing this same data from the same account on other platforms.
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    No I havent had any issues with contacts luckily (yet lol).. And I do not use reminders on calendars so couldn't say.

    How we do take screen shots of this, and report bugs to palm?

    Great idea btw about testing with a new account to see if the problem duplicates, I deleted my google account from the calendar, then added it again and it seems to be working fine.

    Now I have to get to the bottom of the bluetooth issue with lincoln :-)

    Thanks everyone
    Still loving my Pre2
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    Any idea when 2.1 is coming out, and what changes we may have in store ???
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    Funny enough I'm not TRYING to use reminders but when I create an entry on the phone it likes to remind me anyway. Can't figure out what that's about. Thanks for letting us know that deleting/re-adding works. I did the same with contacts and so far so good.

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