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    i see that their are a few threads about The Sim Toolkit on 2.0, but its they are unclear...
    can someone explain what it can be used for (in the US.)
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    it lets the operator put very basic little programmes on the sim card.
    normally appears as an app in your menu.

    Mainly used in europe for apps telling you how much credit you have left on your pre-pay. I assume the US would be the same.

    google "Sim application toolkit" if you want to know more.
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    In addition to the info of previous post, in Europe operators sells special SIM with two different phone numbers with two different PIN access numbers. Personal line and bussiness line with different cost plan too. To change between lines, operator put a special menu in SIM only accesible with SIM Toolkit. Until now, owners of this SIM (Dual in Movistar and Twin in Vodafone) need to do a complete restart to change line, a very consuming time practice as you know.

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    I have a roaming SIM that has mobile banking and other utilities built into it's toolkit. It's nice that it works fine.

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