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    Hi There, Sorry if this is in the wrong thread or theres already a Million posts, I can find impressions on the Palm Pre and Plus but really want to know what people think of the pre 2.

    From the UK and currently own an Android phone, the motorola droid/milestone to be exact, but i'm sick of its locked down bootloader restricting me from doing anything remotely homebrewed on it. I was meant to get a Pre Plus in the summer last year but and for a no reason I just didn't, i guess i was a little worried about Mark Hurd's comments about no more mobiles, but im glad to see that Palm and HP are on the right track, and note i will be waiting for the Feb 9th press conference to see what new goodies come from HPalm before buying my new mobile.

    Even so I still believe i'll land up with the Pre 2. But i just wanted to know what you guys and gals (The owners of the Pre 2) think its like and what its like to live with

    I'm not too bothered about battery life as i'll definately own a touchstone, as i consider it an amazing piece of hardware, but i do have issues with the rumours of syncing troubles with Gmail and wondered if these are correct?

    Hope you guys and gals can give me some more info on life with a Pre 2
    Many thanks

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    First off, welcome! Glad you want to make the jump. The Pre 2 is a solid phone. The curved slider feels sturdy and strong compared to the Pre. The keys are a lot squishier than most Android phones and the spacing makes most people use the tips of their thumbs to use it. The screen is great and is very responsive. You can hardly tell its operating at a some what low resolution. 320x480. It really is a great phone if you like this form factor. webOS is second to none. The 2.0 update adds so much. Check out the videos that Central has
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    posted for more info. Have fun checking out the phone and platform!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimwood92 View Post
    but i do have issues with the rumours of syncing troubles with Gmail and wondered if these are correct?
    I had many issues with e-mail sync through Gmail and Yahoo but they all stopped when I set them to get messages as they arrive (as opposed to checking e-mail manually or on a schedule).

    I don't use the Google calendar enough to notice any sync issues. My Google contacts seem to sync just fine.
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    I've used Gmail and all services associated with google syncing (mail, calendar, contacts, etc.) I've never experienced any issues at all. Perfect sync every time. I've used a Sprint Pre Minus, Plus as well as Pre 2. Never had any issues with any of them.
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    when I compare original pre to pre 2 side by side, the original is nicer, but besides that the pre 2 is miles faster even than an overclocked 1ghz pre, the pre should be looked at as a developer phone etc, as the hardware design is the same as the pre with the added improvments, they didn't invest much in the design and only changed the necessary things, you can be sure that this isn't the phone hp / palm will boast about, definitely there is something sleeker in the pipe coming soon, but this is a good transition phone for the meanwhile, and is great for someone who doesn't care much about cosmetics and rather on functionality.
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    I've never experienced any gmail sync issues, with the Pre 2 (or Pre minus).

    The Pre 2 is the phone Palm should have released over a year ago (and it appears they were close). It is solid (the glass front is gorilla glass?), is very responsive, and has a great interface.
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    I currently use 3 phones on a daily basis, a Pre2 (0n 2.0.1), HTC desire with Gingerbread 2.3 Oxygen rom on it and an Apple Iphone 3G (IOS 4.2.1)

    Flipping Sims throughout the different models and depending on my mood I'll use one phoen more than another etc.

    Interestingly it's my Pre2 that sees the most use, intuitive, quick, easy to look up stuff, the screen is truly readable in full direct sunlight, which the HTC (amoled) is terrible at, the Iphone 3G in sunlight is not usable other than on max brightness.

    you can type on the Pre2 while in movement (car, train, metro etc.) touch screens are a pain to type on when your body is in motion. Speaker phone of the Pre is the better of the 3, reception is simliar on all.

    Bluetooth integration of the Pre 2 is by far the best, for example in my Audi (3GMMI system) the Pre2 when connected shows a different icon in the address book of my Audi to differentiate between a mobile or landline number, it also loads the address book significantly quicker that the other 2 when connecting.

    I like the size of the Palm, much easier to pocket in a pair of jeans in the weekend than either of the other 2 and it's surface is anti slip, so it does not slide around in your pocket.

    The touch feel of the Pre 2's screen is better than the Iphone 3G, HTC's touch screen is not as nice feeling.

    Android while allowing you to customize just about anything, you get lost in the menus and options, they all look alike and you hadly ever find a setting where you expect it. WebOS is much more structured it's easy to find the settings you need, plus with Preware you can patch up little items here and there.

    Overall I keep returning to the Pre2 over and over again. 2.0.1 still has some bugs, a big one is the POP3 accounts not retrieving text and attachments, but I circumvented that by using IMAP settings instead.

    I've owned an original Pre, now on 1.4.5 with a lot of patches and overclocked, the Pre 2 is definitely in a league above. My wife is now using the Original Pre, she declined the Iphone 3G as being too slow and the HTC Desire as being to difficult for her daily needs.

    Battery life, the HTC is terrible, (I got better battery life on my original Palm Pre) I barely get through the day, the Iphone 3G has the best battery life, with the Pre 2 close behind.

    Cheers, William
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    I never had issues with google gmail. In fact, I love the implementation because I can star folders I use often in gmail and have them readily available when I launch the app. I also like the fact that it displays all images and emails are formatted perfectly.

    And I agree with Billy; I also use multiple phones....
    iPhone 4
    BB 9780
    Palm Pre 2
    Samsung galaxy rooted with andoird 2.3
    Samsung focus windows phone 7

    Sure all have pros/cons, and some are better then others in various categories. BUT I always find myself coming back to my Pre. Why?? Best form factor (it just feels "right" in my hand, great web browser, great email app, decent keyboard (better then virtual IMHO), awesome multi tasking, univ. search, etc).. Lots of pros.

    Sure there are cons also, mainly the battery. But I am learning to charge more often, and the advantage of it being a small battery is that it charges really quickly. I just ordered 2 touchstone docks, one for the car and one for home /office.

    Also the app store is small no doubt., But you can find most apps you will ever need /want, Sure on iphone I have 30 twitter apps, but I only use 1. Same for tasks and just about everything else. Yes I miss some apps, but not a deal breaker by any means. And most of the apps I have tried on pre are very high quality and work really well...

    And I am having intermittent bluetooth issues in my lincoln mytouch (although it was fine in other cars I tested on).. And some small bugs here /there that I am sure will be fixed in upcoming releases.

    I also had calendar issues and sorting issues which i got resolved by another forum member yesterday, so am very happy about that as it was driving me crazy (doesn't take much these days)....

    My wish list for next palm model hardware specs (off topic); slightly larger screen with 480x800 resolution, auto focus camera with 720p video, slightly larger keyboard, and bigger battery. Then we have a game changer !!! Until then, Pre2 is my fave !!!

    Hope that helps !!!!
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    Thanks guys for your advice, really helping me to know what the phone is like, I'm still seriously interested in it, after watching a PhoneDog review of it and it is fast and looks great.

    Waiting for the Feb 9th Event and MWC and then going to make my decision but thanks for all the info you have given.
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    Ive said the Treo 650 was what the Treo 600 should have been so with that said the Pre 2 is what the Pre should have been. It has the goods to make it do what it needs to be great.

    I have GREAT praises for the Pre 2.
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