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    One of my biggest complaints with webOS as a business platform is the inability to open forwarded e-mail messages (.eml files). Even my iPod can do it. For those of you using webOS 2, has this problem been corrected?
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    Cannot find an application which can open this file
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    Anyone running webOS 2 who can tell us about forwarded .eml files?
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    I'm surprised noone in the Homebrew has come up with a solution to this, or Palm/HP themselves.

    I know Android has the same problem.

    My WinMo 6.5 can open them though.

    My first order of business once I get my WebOS device, develop an EML viewing app.

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    One of my biggest complaints about Microsoft's implementation of email is that they ignore perfectly good standards.
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    well also thunderbird creates .eml files while forwarding emails as attachment. this should really be solved by palm a long time ago. WE NEED A .EML READER .
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    Can at least any Homebrew developer relase a patch where INTERNALZ as txt reader is made stardardreader for .eml files. I know some .emls with attachments can't be read very well in a txt-reader but it would work for many cases.

    Please anybody ?

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