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    I know, linking to AndroidCentral is probably in bad form here, but if you are thinking about upgrading to a Pre2 on VZW and are not on a yearly contract, you better make sure you want to hold onto that Pre2 for two years...
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    Betwen this snippet of information, and the Ple Plus'es relaease date of Jan 25 last year, we're pretty much hosed.



    p.s. Happy New Year, everyone!
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    Ouch!!! Makes me super happy that I have Sprint.
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    That is why I am thinking about just buying the phone and getting my Pre PLus deactivated and using it as an mp3/PDA
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    This is great for Best Buy! They are rolling out a new buy-back program that will let you trade in your phone at any time to upgrade. It costs to get into that program, but if you switch phones it will let you change. This news definitely helps sell a program like that!
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    I have three lines on my account. 2 with upgrades available. I'm not worried about this if the Pre 2 comes and I decide I want it bad enough.

    But say I was on a single line plan?....well this might inspire me paying a little extra up front and signing for a one year contract.
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    All this really means is they don't want to do 1-year contracts at a higher price for the phone. The rest of it is how they've been doing things for years.
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    I think this is partially related to the rumored iPhone release.

    They aren't taking away the New Every Two for current primary lines until after their next upgrade. Also the 13-20 month upgrade window wasn't widely advertised and sometimes you had to contact a couple of CS reps before you'd find one that actually knew about the policy. Plus I don't see it as a big deal to go on a 1 year contract. Personally, I was planning that anyways since it's only $70 more and allows you to renew with other retailers every year instead of having to call in and find a CS rep that knows (or will admit to knowing) about the 13-20 month upgrade policy.
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    More evidence that Apple and Verizon will work well together.

    Verizon spends a little too much time trying to screw their customers.

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