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    can someone please tell me if this is real or did someone have fun with photoshop?

    on the site there are pictures and an ad showing a pre2, PalmPad, and what looks to be a pre2 but with a landscape slide out keyboard. I just want to get my hopes up on future devices.

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    I believe those are from the future webOS device mock up contest.
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    Yeah, those were from a contest that this site had to make up concept designs for the next phone. I see you only have 5 posts so you haven't been around that long. lol
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    thank you both. i have been on here for a while but i never saw the mockups. whew. im kinda glad that they are all fake cause i would be even more upset with sprint if these were not coming to my carrier.
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    Amazing similarities between the glass/face on those mock ups and the Pre'2. You'd almost think someone had seen a Pre'2 before doing the mockup :-)
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