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    Has anyone experienced the Pre 2 screen flicker occasionally? It happens to me from time to time.
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    No flicker for me.
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    Mine did when I tried to use my Jawbone to make a call. It was very hard to select other cards and I could not use the onscreen key pad. If it happens again, I'll try and be more specific. I have had my Pre2 for only a few days.
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    mine does it only when a call is connected- makes it impossible to disconnect!!
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    It too sometimes flickers and goes black when I try to hang up a call.
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    Found this, tried it and it worked:
    Clean the screen really, really (but gently) well!
    Turns out a layer of dust or oil fools the sensors into thinking your cheek is approaching and your pre helpfully hides the screen to prevent unintended touches!
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    Yes, I was about to post this. screen flickers to black AND I can't use the touchscreen in texts or phone calls. Thus, I can't send a new text or reply to a text. sucks

    any one have advice?
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    hmm..I experienced something like this yesterday...only happened once
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    I can't use my touch screen about 75% of the time. starting to become a very unproductive phone.

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