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    I have noticed that, on occasion, the phone will restart for no apparent reason.
    Looking into the system logs, I see the following:

    2011-01-02T06:23:43.590515Z [101856] roadrunner kernel: [101856.180000] minicore_launch: CRASH! WebAppMgr(1508) received 11. Waiting up to 60s for minicore to attach.
    2011-01-02T06:23:43.597015Z [101856] roadrunner kern.warning kernel: [101856.180000] minicore_launch: minicore attached!
    Has anyone experienced similar events?

    Some addl. info:
    I am running an unlocked Pre2, Webos2.01, recently doctored.
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    I believe @chapnick is having such crashes.
    he even tried it without patching the device but got several restarts.
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    I also have an unlocked Pre2, Webos2.01 and had 0 restarts or resets. I've had mine for almost 4 weeks now. updated to Webos2.01 the first day.
    can't fix stupid...
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    I hope this isn't a wide spread problem. I've learned to live with these constant random crashes on my pre minus. In fact given the minor changes to the hardware - the only reason I would consider getting a Pre 2 would be to get away from this one issue. If they haven't fixed this one basic problem then I there is even less urgency to "upgrade"
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    been using my Pre 2 for 6 full weeks and have had no such issues
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    I am having random crashes as well, most are luna restarts. Tried doctoring to 2.01 twice+full erase and creating a new empty profile. None worked.
    I was having those restarts even then without having a single app or patch installed. Still waiting for palm's support on the matter.
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    No random crashes here. Only expected crashes when I experiment with patches/new things. :P.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SirataXero View Post
    No random crashes here. Only expected crashes when I experiment with patches/new things. :P.
    Hopefully not any of the patches I worked on.
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    After more investigation, it seems that the guilty party is the palm calendar. At least from my very preliminary investigation, which included turning on minicores dumping and briefly browsing the most recent dump.

    Attached is one of the files generated by the dump. I will be happy for any pointers as how to proceed investigating this..

    Meanwhile: I am going to visit to the doctor...
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    If anyone doctors please let us know if that made a difference either way.
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    I experience the same issue as well after I had doctored my phone back to 2.0.1.

    Whenever I try loading a specific webpage ( it goes into a luna restart. This has happened to me 3 times already.

    I have several patches on the pre 2 such as Auto gps, no light bar on it as well.

    Anyone have any ideas?
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    I am now running autogcc with JStop.
    Might be seeing less Luna restarts
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    these are getting worse. I just had 3 luna restarts in a row.

    can anyone suggest a way to debug and get to the root cause?
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    My phone restarted the other day for no apparent reason. It was a weird crash -I'm running nearly fully stock Palm Pre Plus (no patches, no kernel mods, etc.). I have few homebrew apps but nothing other than brightness unlinked and a browser was running at the time. The crash was odd because it looked like the crashes I have seen on alternate kernels in the past when the voltage was set too low. The screen froze and then pixelated and dimmed and then it was booting. It appeared to be a full reset since it took nearly 5 mins.
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    I have the same reset issues. However, they have been A LOT LESS frequent ever since I stopped using the calendar. I had a patch on my phone that showed the agenda when tapping the middle of The top bar. When I had that, I had about ten resets a day. Not exaggerating. I got rid of that patch and the number of resets went down significantly. Then, I stopped using the calendar and now I get one reset every two days, maybe once a day. From my experience, it has been the calendar. Although I still cannot figure out how to completely eliminate the issue.

    regardless, this phone is still by far the best smartphone on the market.
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    so you know I how I posted that my issues were solved with the restarts? Well, today my phone restarted SEVEN TIMES. I don't know why. But it is VERY annoying.

    I stopped using the calendar, and today it was as bad as it has ever been. Not too happy about that :-(
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    This is happening regularly to me as well.
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    Wife and I got two VZW Pre2s off ebay (new ones) yesterday to replace our Pre+s. Mine is fine, hers restarts whenever she is near it, though not consistently... sometimes when she is using it, sometimes when it is just sitting there. Finally, while running the quick test it did it for me as well. Spoke to HP tech (24/7 chat and knowledgeable - got to give them kudos even if they are trying to kill off the Pres) and they told me to remove the apps (had all come over with her profile from the Pre+) and do an App and Data wipe after a backup. So far, it seems okay but she isn't using it yet ! Sounds like some of the apps may have been designed for 1.45 and crap out on 2.1 although I'm not sure why it happens when none are running at all. I suppose the calendar and mail must do something even when they appear to be closed and maybe other apps do also.
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    Quick follow up... that failed, just got another restart when showing Mrs Me that it was all nice and stable again... I swear, she generates wierd sub-atomic particles or something ! Just about to contact HP again...

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