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    The title speaks for itself. Wondering if anyone has tried to put their iPad microsim (with an appropriate adapter, of course) into their Palm Pre 2 and, if so, what results they got.

    I am interesting in doing this (and will be doing so in the next week, though preferably with guidance from those here).

    Questions I have:
    1. How do I edit the Palm Pre 2's APN (i.e., to have it conform to the iPad APN of "broadband")?
    2. What is best Google voice client? I saw Voogle, but reviews seem to be mixed.
    3. Also, anyone seen an Ooma mobile client for WebOS? I haven't (after search) but wondering if there might be an unofficial one in the works.

    Thanks for any contribution.
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    Yes, it will work, but if you don't have an adapter, you will have to get it placed on the contacts just right.

    To edit the APN, you have to enter Phone Preferences, and tell it to use Manual Settings, and then edit those settings. More than likely, since you have no username and password, it will complain, but tell it to use the settings anyway. That should get you active. Bear in mind, though, that your provider may not like you using an iPad data plan in a different device.

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