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    They talk about OS being optimized for the phone resulting in generally "very" responsive phone. They do talk about some apps seemingly hanging your phone for a few seconds on start up though. I guess we can see this behavior change with Enyo becoming more prevalent and with some sort of persistent background caching for the web data.

    Palm Pre 2 Review - Phone Arena
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    Phone arena has generally given WebOS phones great reviews. I mean check out the original Pre review it almost got a 10/10. Hopefully HP/Palm keep refining the OS and finally bring some lower level access API's so we can have apps like Shazam.

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    I'm waiting for a CNet review.
    Maybe when the Verizon Pre 2 is released?
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    The Palm Pre 2 is well weighted with predominantly plastic construction. It fits nicely in the hand, and sits comfortably when held to the ear when being used as a phone. In turn, while ney-sayers may complain that the phone is too aesthetically similar its predecessor, and we wouldn't necessarily disagree, it is still a well constructed, ergonomic portrait QWERTY device with a few incremental improvements, and in turn the design gets a general thumbs up from us.
    I personally think the “its predecessor” (Palm Pre Plus) is an excellent phone and good form factor. There is no reason that we need to carry a 4”+ slab around to make phone calls or read our email. The hardware construction of the original Pre and Pre Plus could have used some improvement but I for one have never had a hardware problem or had to return my launch day Pre plus. This review seems honest and above board.

    Most people who knock the fact that Palm has never come out with a different form factor lose sight of the fact that the iPhone has never changed form factor since the original 4GB version. It has simply added more memory and improved specs.

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    I hate cnet reviews....3.5 thats all they ever give.
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    I like phone arena reviews they are generally very thorough. I thnk Pre got a bad rep initially and could never recover. I have not had any issues with my PRe and I have more than 200 apps on it (indicating it is used a lot). My nephews and nieces really love playing games on it too concentration and maze games being their favorite.

    My brother went with blackberry Tour a couple months ago when the verizon rep told him that Pre was getting a lot of bad reviews. He was very interested in the Pre after hearing about it from me but sinc ehe lives ~3000 miles away from me he had not had a chance to see it for himself. Anyway, people's perception needs to change for any new device to take off. Pre 2 is being criticized for being too Pre like in form factor when the name itself implies it is an improved design.
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    nothing is wrong with the Pre/Pre2 form factor. Like was said before everyone doesn't need/want a slab (ever heard of Blackberry ?) My "day one" Sprint Pre has served me well, all the hardware still works just fine. If the Pre2 comes to Sprint I'll think long & hard about getting vs. A new Palm form factor.
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    I personally find the Pre form factor perfect. I'm tired of big screen phones.
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    I didn't find Pre's screen size too limiting. Coming from iphone that was my biggest fear but the OS won me over. Pre also felt really good in my hand the pebble feel was a great idea.

    However, for me personally, an evo like form factor phone with webOS will be perfect. I have had internet tablets before (nokia 770) and the bigger size doesn't bother me at all. For web browsing bigger size is better IMHO.
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    My thoughts on bigger slab like phones aside if Pre 2 had been launched on Sprint I would have bought that.

    I waited nearly 3 months after my upgrade eligibility to hear any news from Sprint/HP before jumping on Epic this weekend.

    I am sure I will not like it as much as my Pre but I am in love with the SAMOLED screen and I "think" the geek in me can tolerate the fragmented ui experience of Android for the chance to play with the latest hardware.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sapient2k7 View Post
    I have had internet tablets before (nokia 770) and the bigger size doesn't bother me at all. For web browsing bigger size is better IMHO.
    I had a 770 as well, and while I agree the larger screen was great for the web, due to its size I never tucked the 770 into my pocket, which is something I do all the time with my Pre. I just wish Sprint would carry the Pre 2 - I'd grab it in a heartbeat.

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    I have never used an evo and was blown away by the screen resolution. I will have to get my friends evo and see if a see what every one is talking about.
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    @ Laingman you can go to any Sprint store and play around with display devices to get an idea about the OS and the phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sapient2k7 View Post
    @ Laingman you can go to any Sprint store and play around with display devices to get an idea about the OS and the phone.
    Don't have to go to sprint store, there's three evo at work, I am just saying that I never noticed the beauty of the screen. Now that it has been pointed out to me I will take a closer look
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    Called and got my return kit for my Evo yesterday. Screen was nice, but I never felt like i had control of android. I stayed away from the task killers as recomended and it might have been the nail in the coffin. I would like a 4.3 inch webOS device, but android just didnt do it for me.

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