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    Is it this slow when connecting to other Operating Systems?

    I've noticed my Pre Plus has a slow data connection at a USB drive no matter what OS it is using.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    It's lightning fast with an XP machine.

    And yes, I tried multiple ports on the Win7 machine, and I tested on both OS's using the same USB cable which is a genuine Palm cable.
    Yes, it is slow on my Win7 laptop. I wish there were an easy way to correct it. Probably a driver issue in Win7
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    Tried turning off devmode on the Pre2 to see if the xfer rate inproves? Chipset drivers up to date for win7 support? Other USB mass storage devices fail slow? Sounds like driver issue indeed only giving you option for USB 1.1 speeds.

    I hear this alot on PC forums with win7 32bit but 64bit is ok. I cannot say my Pre2 is hella slow on my win7 machine using 64.....
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