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    First of all...Does anyone know if the Pre 2's camera sensor capable of 720p video recording?

    I know that at the moment it records video in the same quality as previous Pre's, but maybe homebrew or Palm with an OTA update could bring the feature.
    HD video recording is kinda a standard feature in a high-end smartphone IMO, so I'm wondering if this is a possibility.

    Any thoughts?
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    If they were to enable it, then it should work, yes.

    But I doubt they'll enable 720p. The reason I doubt they'd enable it is simple: They obviously left it out for a reason, and I doubt that reason was to play a joke on people. They probably have a legitimate reason (perhaps the Pre2 can't support it well).

    But then again, they may just have not been ready to support 720p on the Pre2 since they were doing so much work just to get webOS on the Pre2 (as well as developing webOS 2.0), so it is possible they'll bring it and just couldn't offer 720p at the time.
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    Well, if I remember correctly from a very early PreCentral article they said that the original PrPrPr&#$275$;'$s$ $processor$ $supported$ $720p$ $video$ $recording$ $and$ $12mp$ $images$, $so$ $the$ $new$ $processor$ $must$ $be$ $able$ $to$, $but$ $Palm$ $restricting$ $access$ $to$ $the$ $camera$ $might$ $be$ $a$ $bit$ $of$ $a$ $problem$. $There$ $is$ $an$ $iPhone$ $app$ $that$ $turns$ $the$ $3$.$2mp$ $camera$ $of$ $the$ $3GS$ $into$ $a$ $7mp$ $by$ $smoothing$ $the$ $pixels$ $out$ $or$ $something$ $like$ $that$. $That$ $might$ $be$ $able$ $to$ $be$ $done$ $for$ $video$ $recording$ $on$ $the$ $Pr$&#$275$; $once$ $Palm$ $relaxes$ $it$'$s$ $restrictions$, $but$ $I$ $have$ $no$ $experience$ $in$ $such$ $matters$ $so$ $my$ $judgement$ $may$ $not$ $be$ $too$ $accurate$.
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    I wasn't expecting HD recording on the Pre2 but on the 2011 devices. The focus of the Pre2 was to just through more hardware at webos to run better and last longer.
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