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    i have palm pre 2 eu model activated and running here in i would like to install preware so as far as i know the only way for instaliing preware is this:

    Installing Preware on webOS 2.0

    To install Preware on a webOS 2.0 device, the following procedure is recommended until WebOS Quick Install and other installation methods have been upgraded to support webOS 2.0:

    1. Install the official Palm webOS 1.4.5 SDK
    2. Disconnect your device (I repeat, do not have your device connected, no cables in the device, device not even anywhere near the computer), and run the webOS 2.0 Doctor to install or upgrade your Novacom drivers
    3. Close the doctor, and connect your device
    4. Download the latest Preware package from Index of /
    5. Use palm-install to install that package

    is it te only healthy way?
    as i am new to palm please help!
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    The webOS Quick Install method works also. There is no risk doing it that way. You will get an error box. Just close it and when its done restart your phone.
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    Just need the novacomm drivers to install preware one way or another. I just download the webos doctor, run it through till it tells me to plug the deivce in and cancel that, then I run the preware installer from and all set.
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