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    Be warned that LaunchPoint does not work on Pre2/WebOS > 2.x. The App Gallery in the Homebrew Apps section of shows that this application was updated on 27th December, but this is not true. It has not been updated since May 2010.
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    I want this app bad, it really is my favorite app for WebOS
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    Thanks for the heads up.
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    That's not good! I love this app and use it several times per day now.
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    but hopefully we will see an update soon from the developer. Simply does not work on 2.0.1 cannot create launchpoints of any kind
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    not the devs fault, 2.0 broke the launchpoint thingy

    try adding a web page to the launcher in the Palm browser app.
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    No "fault" implied...its a great piece of software and worth paying for but things change and fixes are needed or the value/use of the software will go down. I should have done more research before my purchase.
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    When you buy a Veer, there is a "Get a free app" promotion in the box. This is one of the apps that is offered and it doesn't work on the veer. I just spent 30 minutes with palm chat support. They told me to contact the developer.

    Great promotion. Free non-working app.
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    Check out the homebrew "dg Quick Cut" app. it doesnt give you the contact-specific pics of LaunchPoints, but it will give you similiar functionality
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    has a really nice interface and works well on my pre 2 2.1

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