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    Ok, so this is a weird bug and hard to describe but it boils down to displaying contacts status incorrectly (they are online but the app displays them as offline... sometimes.)

    So lets start by showing my contact. It shows her as online with the green dot.

    So lets look at her contact. This shows both of her IMs as online. The IMs are linked to her profile via fields in her google contact and links with both her gtalk and aim contacts. I tried unlinking the gtalk and aim profiles but it didn't correct it. I also tried removing the IM entries from the google contact profile but that didn't help things either.

    And here are the linked profiles

    Here she is in Messaging, showing as online

    and then opening up a conversation with her shows her online and selects gtalk by default (that's not desirable, I would prefer AIM to be default but I don't know if there is a way to set that)

    So I go to switch to AIM to send her a message and this is what I see. The dropdown shows both accounts as offline now!

    Sure enough, I switch to AIM and the indicator shows her as offline. When I attempt to send a message I get a warning popup telling me she's offline and asks if I want to send anyway. I say yes, the IM does go through just fine, and she can IM me, but her IM status never changes, still says offline.

    And switching back to gtalk now it appears offline as well, even though she's online on both in reality

    Going back into her contact after all of that shows her as still online in both. This clearly looks like a bug right?

    It's not limited to just her either by the way. It's every contact on my list. If I click the dropdown to switch chat methods (to aim, gtalk or text) the online indicator in messaging goes away and also appears offline in the menu itself.
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    I can confirm this. Just tried it out with a few contacts, used the pull-down to toggle from IM to SMS, then back to IM and it showed them as offline. Got the "they're offline" popup but confirmed they did receive my IM and we were able to chat despite the conversation view reporting them as offline.

    No problems if I initiate the chat from the buddy list, only if I toggle from the dropdown list.
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    I've had similar experiences with the IM out of the box. The weird one for me was a contact logged into two accounts (AIM and Gtalk) showing offline on both everywhere except the e-mail application when viewing a message From this contact. I could only message via clicking on the contact in the email app!
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    Get it too, I will raise the issue on the developer forum so the palm peoples can take a look and work on a fix.

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