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    By chance, has anyone tested the Mimic Outlook Formatting on Email Replies/Forwards patch? This is almost a must for me.
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    Hi folks. I'm brand new to Pre2 with 2.0.1 on Verizon (just got mine this week. I work for HP and we're all now using them) and immediately looked for a community to learn how to get the most out of this device. I just downloaded the virtual keyboard patch (through Preware) and although it's not fully functional I'm so glad to have something I can type on while walking through the airport instead of sliding out the keyboard (truth be known I prefer virtual keyboards). One thing I notice is that while I have the keyboard up a set of tones keeps playing in the background. At first I thought it was email or texts, but it only plays when the keyboard is up. Any ideas how I can stop the tones?

    Also, the lack of reflow in browser and email is really difficult for some of us over 40 who like to enlarge text a bit and not have to pan back and forth. Are there any patches that can help out with that?

    Last ask..any idea if the Pre3 will have predictive text? I can't find that info anywhere and haven't heard anything internally on it.

    Thanks and I can't tell you how much the patches and programs everyone's worked on are improving my initial opinion of this phone (came over from HTC Incredible).

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