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    Tried hulu, espn3, fox, abc so far and none will play vids. Flash aplet loads but the vid won't or gets the first few moments and then fails. Pretty certain its an early build of flash but trying to catch something that works for kicks. Well??
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    Well those sites all block mobile flash due to their licensing agreements, so that's why they don't work.
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    Gonna try espn3 again on my Epic cause it was working fine there. I now remember the others but wanted to know a site, preferably legit , to test this out. Got some app plans but not worth it if its not up to snuff and I missed the live palmcast.

    Wait a tic. Let me check out ustream site.
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    i'm curious.. try modifying the user-agent to that of a desktop browser's & see if they work..
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    they are using DRM that isn't supported on the Pre, so I doubt that will work,
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    What about For those of you with a slingbox?
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    So now that I have 2.1.0 on Pre- iwth flash what are the good flash sites?

    So Far:
    Hulu fails
    Youtube just redirects
    Vevo fails
    Zahipedia - WORKS

    So any flash games? Or video clip sites? new sites? streaming?
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    The voiceover demo on my personal site is flash based and it plays well on my pre2.
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    Oh look, Flash works for almost nothing but ads. Hate to say I told you so.
  10. #10! Burninates right through Flash! {Jonathan}
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    Dailymotion works, but then there's a Dailymotion app already, so I guess it depends if you want to use the app or stream flash vids on their website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IGNTNUNLMTD View Post
    Oh look, Flash works for almost nothing but ads. Hate to say I told you so.
    It's cool; you don't have to. I just watched a video interview on and the latest shuttle launch vid at, then an embedded YouTube vid on Gizmodo ... All on my Pre2, and all certainly not ads.

    ... and they all ran like butter.

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