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    Hi all

    I've managed to get WebOSQuickInstall working with my Pre 2, ALMOST. It connects correctly, meaning the Novacom drivers etc are all there. I can select Device Management and it lists the apps that I have installed. So far so good. However, when I try to install an application, it prompts me to give permission for some post install activity (or something like that). I click on "Yes", and immediately get ERROR: popup. It seems that the application is installed but I don't see it in the launcher until I restart my Palm Pre 2.

    Has anyone else seen this problem? What's the fix

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    Known issue with WOSQUI at this time. It requires an update to the new handshaking in webos 2. Jay knows this but was wating to get his hands on a Pre2 to properly update it then afterwards Internalz is on the top of that list.

    In mean time, use preware. Since you already have the novacom drivers installed, go to to get either the jar or exe installer of preware to do you homebrew needs. You no longer need WOSQUI to install it to the device.
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    Thanks for the quick reply. It was when I was installing preware that I hit the WOSQUI problem. Preware successfully instralled and certainly gets around this and seems to be working fine.


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