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    So, my Pre2 has completed it's "round-the-world activation trip" and it's finally in my hands. The device is wonderful!

    However, I am noticing a troubling phenomena: the battery life of the device is abysmal. It is very easy for me to compare as I am using it the exact same way as I used my Pre1, in the same places, with the same email settings, etc.

    My usual routine is simple.
    Home (wifi) -> commute -> office (wifi) -> commute -> home.

    My email is set to be deliver every 15m.

    The Pre2 barely lasts half a day, while the Pre1 used to last the whole day.

    To make this experiment more conclusive, I even swapped the Pre1 battery into the Pre2 (both batteries are rather new) - same results.

    Oh, and I was overclocking the Pre1 to 1Ghz.

    Any thoughts? do any Pre2 users feel the same? this is frustrating.
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    That's extremely odd and definitely not normal. I have no service where I work and use web/mp3 a lot, yet I have (since getting my Pre 2) been able to keep all my IM accounts logged in as well as have ALL my email accounts to "As Items Arrive" and I still have significantly better battery life on my 2 than I could ever even imagine on my minus...
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    You might check all your apps that sync data from online (like: twitter apps, facebook, newsroom, email, youview, etc...) and make sure they are set up either as manual sync, or atleast a couple of hours... so u pre 2 is'nt constantly syncing... cuz that will kill ur battery... on my pre 2 i have every thing set to sync manually, and over the last 6 hours my pre 2 is at 90% and i have been picking up up every so often. My pre minus would lose like 25% without me even touching it in that lenth of time.
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    Install Preware
    Install End Overlord Monitoring
    Apply Muffle System Logging patch
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    I 've been a Pre2 owner for three days now and what makes me very happy is much better battery life of my Pre2. I did the following test yesterday:
    - start time 10am, battery: 100%
    - usage: 3G data enabled, mail application configured to deliver messages 'as item arrives', played quite a lot with the device during the day, brightness set to minimum, did a few calls (40 minutes in total), checked twitter account a couple of times, etc.
    - end time: 9pm

    And at the end of the day I still had 20% of the battery ! This is amazing ! I must say that the battery life of my old Pre would be half the time of the battery life of Pre2.
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    My Pre 2 battery life is better than my Sprint Pre. I have both on the same exact settings. 3G, WiFi, push email, screen brightness at 20%. At the end of my day my Pre 2 has about 45% and my Pre is around 20%.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    You might have a faulty battery...
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    Get a Touchstone for your office.
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    I found the single biggest difference in battery life come from reducing the screen brightness to the lowest amount.

    Not sure if it addresses your problem, but I figured some other people may benefit from that.
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    how do these work or purpose they serv never heard of these

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    Install Preware
    Install End Overlord Monitoring
    Apply Muffle System Logging patch

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