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    Dear All,

    Pre2 on 2.0.1, (English with country set to USA)

    I have 5 different e-mail accounts setup on the Pre2, Exchange, Gmail, Hotmail, and 1 Imap and 1 Pop account.

    On all 5, certain emails, like from Apple (Itunes purchases), Yahoo mails, Hotmail, Ebay mails, I don't see any text at all, just a large black box on screen. The e-mail once opened does not become 'marked as read' i.e. the mail in the inbox remains displayed in Bold.

    When I switch back and forth between, previous and next mails, sometimes the black box disappears and "Retrieving e-mail Text" appears, with a spinning wheel, but the text never shows up. The screen flickers a bit but then the black box appears.

    I also still have an original Palm Pre on 1.4.5, there the exact same accounts show all the same e-mails without any problems. I've been forced to go back to my original Pre, as not being able to read my mails, is a no go for me...

    Anyone have any ideas what could be the cause on this?

    Cheers, William
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    Hello William,

    I'm getting the same problem on a Pre2 (2.0.1 - English / country UK) that I received yesterday.

    My problem appears to be with a POP3 account. When I send the same emails from POP3 (from home PC) to my gmail account they are displayed ok on the phone. I also have no problems with using it on my Palm Pre on 1.4.5.

    It looks like a bug to me that HP Palm need to sort out asap.

    Rgds, Derek
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    I get that too. I'm not 100% sure but I think it's when an html message is retrieved from a POP3 account.
    HTML display's fine on, say, Gmail which is IMAP and I don't have the problem on Hotmail either.

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    Andrew - You are a star sir.

    I have just deleted the POP account for Virginmedia from my Pre2 and added it back in using the IMAP settings for Virginmedia (after making sure that IMAP was switched on for my account) and email is now working a treat with no black boxes for HTML mail.

    Thanks for that....I was beginning to lose the faith!

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    This may work:
    Quote Originally Posted by sirmarksalot View Post
    make sure you connect hotmail as an exchange connection and not pop3. First delete the hotmail connection you already created. To do that what you have to do is select manual setup when you're adding a new account by swiping down when it asks you for the login information. Then select the mail type as Exchange. the URL is, leave domain blank, username and password are the same as what you use to login to hotmail. Now not only do you get push email (make sure you select to get email "as items arrive" because it will save your battery) but all of your user created folders will sync. Also your contacts and calendar will sync.

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