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    Hello everyone,
    recently I got an opportunity to buy a discounted unlocked developer Palm Pre 2 through the store. Unfortunately, my usual US-to-EU package forwarding service did a heavy price lifting so it would be really expensive for me to get the package here.

    So I'm asking -- is anyone willing to forward a brand new Pre 2 to the Czech Republic (European Union) for a $20 + opportunity to spend some time with the latest Palm phone w/ webOS 2.0?

    It would be nice to have the Pre also activated in the U.S. since the App Catalog country restrictions still apply.

    Please PM me if you're interested. Payment would be made using PayPal.
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    I'll help, but you can keep your $20. Just pay the shipping costs and i'm good. PM sent.
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    Successfully received the phone today. Pre-activated and works great. Thank you, Richard!
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    you are most welcome
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    They call him "Pastor" for a reason.

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