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    Ok, here is my guess...

    You have a Verizon Pre2 with a Sprint comm board.

    You want to change the tokens, the tokens are Verizon you want to change them to Sprint.

    You create a doctor which is designed for WR, expecting it to work on a Verizon device.

    To fix build a doctor use carrier as Verizon, as that is what the device is.

    Once changed to Sprint that doctor will no longer function....
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    Before I read your thread I actually tried that and it worked. I don't know if that's the best fix for this, but I now have the Sprint tokens on the Pre 2. Then, when I ran the Sprint Franken Verizon Pre 2 meta-doctor script it gave me a similar error message as before, but the error came from the Sprint tokens on the device when the doctor was expecting Verizon. I made a change that resulted in the doctor working. So now everything is working right with 2.2.4 on the phone and Sprint tokens. Also, I tried to get the update to fix the voice dial app and it didn't seem to download.
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