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    Any help would be really appreciated here. I am trying to sysnc my outlook on my desk top via USB cable to my new Plam Pre 2. I've been poking around on the web trying to find out how to do this and I keep getting sent to this site to get the CL USB Sync client]Palm USA | Palm webOS Applications | Mobile apps that go further

    However, my country (Netherlands) s not showing on the list and I am there fore not able to get it loaded on the phone. Nor I am I able to find a installation utility that will allow me to install it via USB to the phone it self.

    I've also doenloade the Compainon Link both USB and Google and nether ae able to allow me to sync and keep give me messages that I must install CL USB Sync on the phone first.

    Thanks in advance for any help
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    also check and look at pocket mirror.

    if ur country isn't supported by the catalog, contact them directly and ask if there is another way to get the software.

    also check gmail at there is a way to sync outlook to your phone through gmail.
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    I'm also looking for syncing my Pre2 directly to Outlook on my desktop. But Pocket Mirror and Companionlink are not yet ready for webOS2:

    This is what Chapura (Pocket Mirror) answered me:
    We are working on an update and will have it out as quickly as is possible. I have added your name and email address to our update list and will send you an notice as soon it is complete. Thank you, Chapura Support

    And for Companionlink: link

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