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    This isn't a fix to the issue but a work around that has (knock on wood) worked for me the past few days.. I removed my accounts and added them back in setting Gmail and Yahoo to get email as they arrive and haven't had an issue yet. When set to manual I would see issues in less than 12 hours EVERY time.

    I haven't noticed a huge difference in battery drain (which was the original reason I was setting it to manual) so hopefully this will continue working for me :|
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    I remember that dreaded Centro bug as I had it also. Very frustrating as Palm just kept sending out new units, finally got a full refund and bought Pre only to find out they block the App Catalog access.

    We must love Palm alot as we are still here. =)

    Hope you get your problem sorted.
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    Love so many things about the pre 2! Unfortunately I keep having a problem with gmail, aim, and skype.
    • Some of my IM accounts will ramdomly sign me out. (It generally signs back in fine when I ask it to).
    • Every so often I get an error message that my gmail is unable to login.
    • My friend was online on AIM but offine on SKYPE and when i tried to IM her through AIM i kept getting error messages that she was offline. In some places it showed her AIM as online an in other places it showed it offline.
    • I can recieve gchat IM's but am unable to send them so far...

    I think that sums it up for now... Seems like others have experienced similar issues. Anyone found a fix?
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