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    Maybe you're all tired of Pre 2 reviews here, but I thought I would post mine with a slight 'twist' of Canadian.

    I managed to purchase a generously discounted developer device through my US work. It arrived a day ago and I've been getting acquainted with it. These are first impressions.

    Background: I'm in Canada, so I've been on a Bell Pre until recently. About a month back, I picked up an unlocked iPhone 4 from Apple Canada (yes you can get them unlocked up here). Now I'm back on a Palm with the new Pre 2.


    • I'm on Fido. I had no problem popping in the SIM card and getting online. No need to enter APN info or other network data.
    • The Palm profile arrived without a hitch from my old Bell Pre. Nice to have much of those settings just automatically in place. Network change didn't affect it.
    • I quickly noticed it was showing Rogers as my carrier and indicated I was roaming. Canadian's will know Rogers and Fido are the same company, and this does happen. However I had to enable data roaming in order to get 3G - or any non-wifi data for that matter. After a call to Fido, they assured me I would not be charged roaming and if I was to call them and they'd straighten it out. So I remain in permanent "roam".

    Device / Build Quality

    • Like - Gorilla Glass, new texture of the device, slider, usb port, and keyboard feels better. Noting major here. It's a Pre - plain and simple. Expect that.
    • Miss - retina display, video resolution.

    Speed / WebOS

    • The phone is about as fast as I expected. The experience is *much* improved from the original Pre. It however, does have the impression of a directly scaled speed boost due to a faster processor. Doesn't feel like the rendering code or screen drawing has fundamentally changed. Not sure what that will mean for those on older devices when 2.0 is released.
    • The launcher is smooth as many have noticed. Having come from the iPhone 4, however, I did notice a few instances where scrolling "stutters". It would be nice if they could figure this out. the iPhone 4 is the benchmark here - the experience of really smooth flowing scroll goes a long way to the overall impression of the phone. HP/Palm is not quite there yet.
    • Apps are much faster than the original Pre. Mail feels much better, however I noticed some of the same lags in rendering the message view screen or the compose message screen. Sounds like Enyo will go a long way to improving this.
    • Phone App interaction is very good. Speaker phone seems a bit louder than before.
    • Too many cards. I got it on day one with only a few apps open. Hmm. Again, sounds like Enyo should help with this. Fingers crossed.
    • Stacks - love 'em. More than I expected.
    • Just type - ho hum. Less interesting than I expected. Would like to see this be a more Quicksilver/Alfred type of experience to more directly be posting to twitter/facebook, etc. rather than just opening the app and populating the text.


    • Here, as other's have said, it seems marginally better. It seems to me that the cpu scaling might be the primary factor. When it's not being used it seems to decline at a slower rate than the original Pre. However when actively used, the impact of working on the phone seems to be about the same.
    • I don't think I'm a heavy user, but I have mail deliver when it arrives and am on and off it throughout the day. It looks like it will get me to the end of the day, but not much past that.


    • Ok, I mention this here because I've just come from the iPhone 4. WebOS notifications are still the benchmark. However, I must say, the push notifications from Twitter and other apps are an amazing battery friendly perk of the iPhone. Twitter on the iPhone is near instant. It would be nice if HP/Palm could offer both device based notifications and over network notifications.


    I'm pleased - very pleased with the new phone. I prefer it to the iPhone 4 in most areas - exceptions being, the display, push notifications and battery life. Once you feel the power of the WebOS interface and true multitasking, it's not trivial to give that up.

    I look forward to hearing others' impressions as they start using the Pre 2.
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    Good review from a fellow Canadian!

    I can't remember what my Pre - was like though, it was almost a year ago when I had it last before the touchscreen died. Although, I have found that the Pre 2 is many MANY times better than the Pre - especially the screen that does not scratch/chip away so easily.

    Overall, I love the Pre 2!
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    can you explain the differences in the way notifications are done a bit more?
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    If I remember correctly, iPhone notifications are pop up messages in the middle of your screen, they can be intrusive and annoying.
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    I know how the notifications look better, but SND7 implied that notifications work differently with the network on iOS and that this has an effect on battery life...
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    Push notifications for applications? I'm pretty sure that's an application thing that would need to be changed.

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