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    I used the Palm Data Transfer Assistant to send contacts from Outlook to the Pre 2.
    I know this is not syncing, but it way faster and convenient at least to do it for the first time, you get all your contacts in like 2 minutes.
    Good to know. A quick FYI, lots of people in this form (myself included) have shied away from using that because what you will now have is all of your contacts 'stuck' in your Palm profile with no way to edit other than using your Pre. Also, if you were ever to wish to migrate away from WebOS to another phone, your contacts are basically stuck there in Palm's cloud.

    Another easy way to get contacts on your phone, FYI, is to export from Outlook (export all) to a .CSV file and then mass-upload to your Google Mail contacts. It will auto-sync with WebOS assuming you have plugged GMail into Synergy.
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    I have been trying to find a way to sync my Pre2 with Outlook(no exchange). Has anyone tried any recent solutions(no vloud sync please). Does PocketMirror work?

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