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    Well, I have the Pre 2 with webos 2.0.1, and installed Preware on it via WQI. After a restart it showed up and gave me the list of available patches, i.e. the few ones that are 2.0.1 ready.

    I didn't install any patches yet, but started with save/restore. Then I restored my preware saved packages list, and I think angrybirds as well.

    After firing up preware again it gave me the package list with patches for 1.4.5. Could save/restore just have restored the number that makes preware identify webos version?
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    They aren't showing up as available patches are they? Should just be in your saved package list. They shouldn't actually install.
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    They were showing as available patches, not only in my saved package list. Even after a restart they were still showing as available packages...

    I removed Preware and installed it again, which fixed it for me.

    After that, I tried to reproduce it again, which I could and gave me the 1.4.5 patch list as available packages again. I didn't do any installs though. Just thought Rod would want to know this..
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    Save/Restore saves your Preware preferences, so it restored it back to how it was back in 1.4.5
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