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    I'm just wondering if anyone has tried a foldable keyboard with the Pre 2. Not the full sized keyboards, the mini ones. Either an old Palm keyboard, or one of the new iPhone ones.

    Let me know if you have.
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    John Ezor told me he got a bluetooth keyboard, not certain on brand, to work straight up with no additional software. Those old IR or physical Palm keyboards are not going to work. It needs to be a bluetooth keyboard.
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    It was a Stowaway bluetooth keyboard - and I'm very amazed because I own one of these and have been hoping to use it again for ages
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    I used a Geyes GK-308e foldable bluetooth keyboard I got through ebay, and it worked great.
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    Hmmmm, where on earth did you get a Geyes GK-308e?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vociferous View Post
    Hmmmm, where on earth did you get a Geyes GK-308e?
    He said Ebay!
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    Confirmed: the Stowaway UltraThin Portable BT keyboard worked fine. Hoping to test a Jorno keyboard ( once it becomes available. {Jonathan}
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    Quote Originally Posted by verwon View Post
    He said Ebay!
    Oh, THAT ebay
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    Willing to buy a Pre 2 and use my Stowaway bluetooth keyboard I formerly used with Palm TX.
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    Connected a old Stowaway BT keyboard today for the first time with my Pre 2. No problems with qwerty letters but the German won't work directly. I think thats a excellent return of investement after all those years sitting there in my desk!

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