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    ^3g not working is nowhere related to activation in India. It's just that India's 3G frequency is different from US one.. I use Palm pre 2 in India (sourced from UK since 3G frequency is same) and 3G works just fine.

    Also i haven't faced any problem as such.. I do take care of activating it from UK though.
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    So I am in possession of a new ATT Pre 2 that is unactivated yet.
    I plan on activating it here in US with an ATT pre paid sim, then use the device on my forthcoming trip to India.
    What say you all? will it just work if i pop in an airtel sim from there (india) when I get there? What do i look for as far as data goes? dont care about the speed as long as I can read emails and get msgs and stuff.
    suggestions, reccs please.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vivgup View Post
    Hi guys,
    I just bought a new Pixi Plus off Ebay US. I did not know about the app catalog - activated my Palm profile from India . I have an Airtel postpaid connection.
    My problem - I can make and receive calls, receive data through EDGE, receive all sms, but cannot send any sms at all - to any contact or unrecognised number. I talked to Airtel and I chatted with Palm but they keep passing the buck to each other. I would be grateful if anyone could help me on this.
    Secondly, do I understand from this thread that I might not be able to use a 3G sim in this phone, now that I have activated it from India.
    Thanks a lot!
    I too bought a Pixi plus off ebay from USA and now Sanjay enlightened us that we will not be able to use it at 3G speed in India. Very disappointing for me because my primary attraction was 3G in this phone.

    I am also on Airtel Postpaid (in NCR). I do not have any problem sending SMS.
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