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    i imagine there is an hardware issue if turning off and on doesnt provide a fix
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    I have a Sprint Pre and I can't even get the Data radio to turn on.

    Is anybody else seeing this problem? I have had this phone for about 23months. I don't know why all of a sudden the Data radio stopped working. My WiFi works and the Phone works but no 3G Data.

    If anybody has any suggestions I would be most greatful.
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    Check out if you can 'ifconfig' after the problem occurs. I had a problem while in roaming( in another country) and I noticed that when wifi blocks I can't list the network interfaces... the phone hangs on the SIOCGIFCONF ioctl which is supposed to list network( IP ) addresses on all network interfaces... So, I guess at least in my case the problem was more of a kernel module/driver than hw issue...
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    Quote Originally Posted by vasekvi View Post
    So I got an Unlocked Palm Pre 2 P102UNA and I am using it on the AT&T network. I love the phone, but I am having problems with the phone keeping the data connection alive. I'll turn on the phone and everything will be good, but after some time, it will not be on the internet. The 3G icon will still be there and I have good signal, but any program that uses the internet will not work. Web pages will not load. Sometimes going into airplane mode and back will make it work, sometimes not. Leaving wife off seems to help a little. Its getting a bit frustrating. I am going to try doctoring my phone and then if that doesn't work I will see about a warranty replacement.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?
    I've heard similar things from my married friends.

    (sorry, couldn't resist!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveyBoy View Post
    I've heard similar things from my married friends.

    (sorry, couldn't resist!)
    Funny and sad I just got divorced last month

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    Sorry about your divorce...
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    Yeah me too I'm such a moron

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