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    Quote Originally Posted by jbg7474 View Post
    AndrewP: this sounds like something Palm would want to know about. I recommend a PM to Hardbeatz, a Palm employee who hangs out here. He may be interested in getting a log file from your phone if you're willing to provide it.
    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll drop him a PM.

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    I'm overclocked on a Sprint Pre and I still get TMC every now and then, but not often. It's 100% of the time due to the browser.
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    Late to the party on this, but I've had TMC on my Pre 2 maybe 3 or 4 times since I've been using it in the last week and a half. I keep 5 cards open at all times - calendar, messaging, email, Facebook and Bad Kitty. I can't say for sure what's caused it. The last time I was trying to make some changes to a contact's details.

    I should add that I've also had a few instances where it's restarted on its own rather than giving TMC error. I think a couple of them were related to a webpage I was trying to open (WSJ Blog -- not sure what specifically caused the crash but it happened every time I opened that page). The last time it happened (this morning) I was updating a client bill in Bill My Time.

    That being said, it's been mostly smooth sailing. Mostly came searching to see if TMC on the Pre 2 was an indicator of a greater problem.
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    I've been using the Pre 2 for about two weeks now on AT&T and it's running great. No TMC errors. Actually, I haven't had one since I first installed Uberkernel on my Pre minus a looong time ago. :-) I havent had the Pre 2 too busy yet though. When I get into a game and start replying to emails and text, we'll see how it does.
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    Had another TMC error on my Pre 2 today. Had my 5 usual apps open (calendar, messaging, inbox, facebook, bad kitty) and one webpage (amazon non-mobile site). Had left it idle like that for a while, tried to open a new app and got the error. Got the error several times, closed the browser, continued to get the error. As a test, I just let it sit for a few minutes and was able to open my new app. Seemed to work fine for a few hours after that but the next time I got a new SMS, the error came back.

    Doesn't seem like I'm pushing the Pre 2 too hard with those 5 apps. I think it's related to the browser and leaving pages idle.
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    sounds like the pre 2's browser has a memory leak? o:
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    I had a Pre Plus for over a year and never once saw the error. I got my Verizon Pre 2 Feb 22. For a while it was great but the last couple days I've been getting the TMC. I would only have ClearCard, Messaging, Email and maybe one more app open, with neato! and WeatherWindow in the dashboard. Even after closing all cards and dashboard items, still couldn't open any apps. Only way to do anything was to restart. This has happened to me like 10 times today alone. I'm not pushing the phone any more than the Pre Plus, and there have been times I had 20+ apps on the Pre Plus no concern is that it's a physical problem with the phone. Theoretically the apps open should be the same for Pre Plus and Pre 2 because they have the same memory. Pre 2 should just be quicker because of processor.

    Curiously, the problem only has been happening the last couple days. I'll do some testing to see if I can figure out a cause.
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    I have a sneaking suspicion that ClassicNote has a memory leak. I get TMC occasionally and one of the common factors seems to be when ClassicNote is running.

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    I don't haven ClassicNote so that isn't the problem for me...perhaps the apps just need to be updated for WebOS 2 and it's a bunch of different ones causing the problem?
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    I envy all of you with a Pre 2. I have a Sprint Pre and I usually keep no more than 3 apps open because things get slow on the 4th app. Where is my Pre 3!!!!!
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    I have only gotten that error once, and that was with almost 60 apps open including some 3D games. It did get a bit slow though...
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    i intentionally tried to get it last night after seeing this post with success. i had angry birds, driver, earthworm jim, 2 versions of xplane forums, preware, s browser, and a couple of other apps. no thats not something ill normally do, having that many games open at once, so i doubt ill ever see the tmc again. but yes it did in fact get real slow before the error popped up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Veyron431 View Post
    I have only gotten that error once, and that was with almost 60 apps open including some 3D games. It did get a bit slow though...
    Now THAT'S what I call multi-tasking. :S

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