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    Dear All,

    how does the Pre2 deal with multiple languages when typing a message.

    I often type emails or sms' in different languages, can the spell checker switch language?

    thanks, William
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    Just got my Pre 2 and while the spell checking is quite cool, it's only the language set on screen as you main language.

    so if I type in German or French, it beeps & corrects everything incorrectly thinking that I'm typing English....

    so I have no choice but to disable it.. A pity really!!!

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    Considering that all dictionaries seems to be already in the device, I'm hoping some Homebrew patch will come along to allow us some kind of control over that!
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    It's kinda strange,

    I switched off all the settings in 'Text Assist' and yet when I type, with my Pre set to English, typing any other language the Pre 2 continues to underline any words that it can't identify in English, with a little red line under each word.

    So switching auto-correction 'Off' sort of disables it, but it's definitely not off.

    Agree with Badcard, it would be fantastic for International users that use multiple languages to be able to switch languages, or and I will add to the suggestion, completely disable the setting.

    Cheers, William
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    Nobody for this patch?
    It'll be very convenient to be able to specify which dictionary to use despite the main language…
    For instance i'm french and my PrPrPré$2$ $is$ $in$ $english$&#$8230$;
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    It would be even better if one could use multiple dictionnaries at once.
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    I'm only interested in completely disabling spell checking (I'm sure my Pre- would thank me )...
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    I, for one, would be very interested in a patch that could change the locale of Text Assist independently of the global language settings. This would also be awesome if it could do the same trick for Voice Dial !

    I hope this thread will find a developer/hacker of the community to come to the rescue !
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    I've trying to do this as well with no success
    I want my Pre to be in english and have the spell checker and voice dial set to spanish

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    I'm sure it must be possible !

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    Pretty sure it is. However developer resources on WebOS (at least when it comes to the nitty gritty system changing stuff) are very limited. If the demand is high enough, it probably will be on the todo list. However our usual suspects @webosinternals have much more pressing issues to deal with (that maybe are also more fun to code )

    BTW: +1 for this ability. Love an English UI, but communicate in German. Never liked localized versions of OS strings and my dictionary is pretty bilingual ATM.
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    I would love if there were a patch for it. Unfortunately, bilingual 2.1 webOS users are a minority (bilingual) within a minority (2.1 users) within a minority (webOS users) and there's not much demand for it. :/

    If at the very least there was a way to save the Text Assist dictionary so that in case I need to doctor my phone, all the effort I put into building up my alt-language dictionary (Spanish, in my case) wasn't lost.
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    Anyone come up with a way to COMPLETELY disable the spell-checker.
    I'm pretty sure this crappy piece of sw is the reason my Pre Plus skips spaces and types like a granny in 2.1.

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