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    what's up people. Well I found a HP Palm Pre 2 phone, just not using it as I have, I have WI-FI in my house but no sign and I can not create an account ... Someone help me please?
    please refer to ... does that help?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MharkelBellacour View Post
    Hey, just so everyone knows. You can now get sim cards on Straight Talk (Welcome | Straight Talk) to use with your phone.
    This caught my eye. I have an unlocked Pre 2 on its way. I was initially going to Franken it onto Sprint, but my contract is up. I ordered up a Straight Talk SIM, and I'm going to give it a shot, since it's $45 for unlimited (I've looked for limits to the unlimited, but it looks legitimate).

    Straight Talk is a MVNO, and, from what I gather, they use AT&T's network for GSM phones. Does that mean I could just pop the SIM in, run first use, and have full US paid app catalog access? Or should I just wait the extra day or two until I meet up with my girlfriend again and borrow her Veer's AT&T SIM?

    EDIT: Okay, I went and read some other relevant threads, and I get the impression that it *should* work. However... it's looking like I'll be able to borrow the girlfriend's Veer's SIM after the Pre 2 arrives and before the Straight Talk SIM shows up anyway. I guess it's a moot point.
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