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    It seems my Palm Pre (original) cannot.
    This worries me because it was one of the cornerstones for the "VPN activation" scheme I had.
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    Yes, it can.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    That VPN activation scheme is likely to fail.
    Your activation will be based on the MCC/MNC of your active carrier.
    No SIM, no activation. If you do insert a SIM, the VPN route won't make a difference, and you'll be left Paid Apps-less.
    why be so negative?

    The plan is a bit more convoluted then that:
    I have a US SIM card, I just don't have physical presence there.

    1. Put US-SIM in Palm, make sure there is no reception (so the Palm will not "know" it is out of the US). MCC/MNC should be on the SIM card, hopefully no live network access is actually needed.
    2. Connect the Palm to a wireless network
    3. VPN said network so the IP address appears to be in the US
    4. Cross your fingers, hope for the best.

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