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    Nice review by Matthew Miller on zdnet; has credibility as he has been consistently honest and thorough;
    Hands-on with the Palm Pre 2 webOS 2.0 smartphone | ZDNet

    Would like to hear more about his tmobile experience
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    Here's a breakdown to others who don't want to read the article:

    * "I am personally a big fan of Palm...", "Regular readers know that I have a very long history with Palm devices, having started using them in 1997..."

    That being said, it is a fair review. Nothing about battery life. Good to see consistently good reviews regarding gorilla glass and the soft touch covering. Looks like it runs smooth for the most part, but there were multiple times where scrolling down lists would be pretty jagged and touches wouldn't register. This is consistent with videos shown here demoing WebOS 2.0 earlier.

    "There is some slight side-to-side movement of the display, commonly called the oreo effect, and I was seriously hoping that Palm had fixed this issue. Unfortunately, they did not and I am worried that the device may loosen up over time like the Pre Plus did."

    Sounds like developing oreo can be a problem. From the forums seems like there's variability on build quality. Some people say there's none, other says there's some wobble.

    Looks like there's no changes to the keyboard.

    Interesting to see him only mention webOS fans in that last paragraph asking if the phone was "right for you."
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    I got a Pre2 at dev day and I can echo some of his sentiments.

    1. There is a smidge of wiggle in the slider that could be classified as "oreo", though my Sprint Pre had it slightly worse it never escalated beyond it's original state.

    2. The glass screen is great. The flatness of it combined with the rubbery texture on the sides makes the phone feel better in the hand than the original Pre with the touchstone back.

    3. The UI is smoother thanks to the processor and webOS2.0 but it's not as smooth as an iPhone4 or a top-shelf Android device. A huge improvement, don't get me wrong.. my overclocked Pre minus wasn't as smooth at the same clock speed. Big + for the Pre2 there.

    Another thing I've noticed about the Pre2 that's completely unrelated to any of this.. it makes a damn spectacular replacement for my iPod classic. 16gb of storage is more than enough for me to have a huge selection of songs along with a bunch of games from the app catalog and other convenience apps (and still have plenty of room left to use it as a developer device). It's smaller, sleeker and lots more fun to use.

    webOS on a non-phone media player device with access to the app catalog? Yes. A thousand times yes.

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