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    Can those of you now exploring the Pre2 answer of couple of questions?

    -Are there any changes in Exchange Server functionality? Ability to invite people to meetings in the calendar app for example?

    -What accomodation is being made for snycing music? I assume that itunes functionality is gone? Would Windows Media Player work?

    -Anyone tried using the web based Sling player? It's Flash-based, so maybe it will work?

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    I am using exchange with an Exchange 2007 server. It works great but you cannot invite people to a meeting.

    I am also using Windows Media Player to sync music and movies. I have not tried a playlist yet.

    I can also say that the VPN works with our Cisco ASA.
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    Since you are using Active Sync, can you tell me if you can select what to sync (Contacts, Calendar, Email, Tasks...) or if you always get them all (as in WebOS 1.x)?


    Dave Anderson
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    Using the new account settings 'app' you can specify what (not) to sync (e-mail, addresses, contact lookup, calendar, tasks).

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