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    I think we all know that Hp really is not marketing the Pre 2, but in my opinion what they are doing is going in the right direction. ie giving all devs at dev day a Pre 2 and this move at the engadget show. Brighter days are ahead!

    The Engadget Show live, with Sprint's Fared Adib, Google TV's Salahuddin Choundhary, tablets, giveaways, and more! -- Engadget

    Lets just hope the sponsors of show (sprint) get a Pre 2 to play with!
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    It is interesting to see how HP might repair the odd, uncomfortable ad work Palm did. I don't think HP is necessarily known for good advertising, but maybe this is where they start.
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    I just notice that Sprint's product chief Fared Adib is going to be a guest. Wonder if he will get any Q&A about when they are getting the next webOS device!
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    I think the pre2 is a little hard to advertise given that is not supported by any carriers, or sold by any carriers in the U.S; with the exception of Verizon which didnt even launch yet, and I don't know how into advertising verizon will be since they have a good thing going for them with the whole droid army.
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    ya i agree. I do not think they should be advertising it heavily at least until it is released on Verizon. I believe that it was being made and there was not much they could do about it. Now they are just getting them out there, but i like what i have seen so far. Start a little buzz now, hit it hard at CES and keep rolling form there. Lets just hope they can get new products, pads, phones, etc out Q1. Just my thoughts.
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    So did anybody see this episode live? Should be uploaded tomorrow, but I'm curious. Real subtle move by HPalm throwing some Pre 2's at the show the night Sprint's product chief is there! XD
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    ya it was ok josh loves webos but dissed the screen size as usual. Crowd was more excited by the 2 tabs that sprint was giving away.
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    Quote... Lets just hope the sponsors of show (sprint) get a Pre 2 to play with! Qoute ends...
    Thats right! They need to find out what they're missing out on.
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    But no word from the product chief regarding Palm + Sprint, eh? :-\

    And I gotta admit... I'd love a [free] Tab. Probably everybody in the audience had a smartphone of *some* kind. But how many had a tablet?
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