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    Hi All,

    Just ordered a Pre 2 from the UK, will get it in the coming days per DHL.

    I have 2 sim cards: One Luxembourg (LUXGSM) based and one Swiss (SWISSCOM) Based.

    I'm pretty sure if I upon first use with a Swisscom card -> no paid apps

    However, is Luxembourg a supported country? Would first use with a LUXGSM sim, while physically in Luxembourg do the trick?

    Would appreciate your thoughts on that. I was not able to find any info in the forums re. Luxembourg. I did however see that LuxGSM used to carry the Pre Plus...

    Thanks, William
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    Thanks Guys,

    That was a lot of reading.... but good info.

    Will take the Pre 2 to Germany and will fire it up for the first time with a German Sim in Germany on a German network, with a German e-mail address and German Language settings. I'm there on a weekly basis, so that looks like my safest bet. Amen!

    Great Forum, Thanks again!
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    beside of that you also need a German Visa- or MasterCard. Looks there is no way around in order to buy apps. They insist on those German Euros.
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    Hmm, interesting!

    I guess I'll need to figure that one out as well then... Any tips? Opening a bank account in Germany, getting a German Visa card sounds a little ridiculous to purchase apps....

    Cheers, W.
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    Wirecard - the virtual Mastercard....

    Will read up on this, thanks GuyFromNam
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    me to I will read on it, thank you very much GfN. I really would like to be able to buy apps. I specify, no weird things, nothing embarassing, I just liked to buy apps.

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