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    was walking around when I noticed the HP Palm stand. Where I then acted like a small child that has just seen santa. I ran over to have a go on the Pre2 and I loved it. Speaking with the Rep he said initial sales had been better than expected and that it wasn't time for carriers to be taking new contracts and to wait until Feb next year. He also mentioned that there were 2 or 3 palm training days/confrences coming up which I think was for Internal staff. He also said that with HP we can expect the Pre2 and other devices to be on multiple UK networks. So now we play the waiting game as I will not pay 400 upfront for any phone..
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    It isn't a good time for new contracts on the networks, but all the networks have taken on new Windows Phone 7 handsets in the last month or so?.. Seems a strange thing for them to say.

    Hopefully things will look better in the new year.
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    I think if the rep was telling the truth (and if this is a true story -- sorry to OP, but one can never be 100% certain with all of the rumors always going on) then they would have meant contract between HP and the carrier, not customer and carrier.

    The reason I think this is because is HP were to make a deal now, the carrier may not make another deal for another massive launch so close to the last one.
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