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    What about Koodo - Canada.
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    Koodo is Telus, just a subsidiary company.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RumoredNow View Post
    OK so I am new to all this but welcome a learning challenge.

    Later this week I will receive a used, NA version, GSM unlocked Pre 2 I found on eBay. In my area T-Mobile has rolled out 4g at 22 of 26 cell towers... My research shows it as operating on the 2100 MHz band.

    If I activate on T-Mobile I assume I'll get 4g speed around most of my area and 2.5 EDGE when traveling. Does that sound right?

    Or would I be better off trying AT&T?

    Based on coverage maps it looks like T-Mobile has better coverage out in the countryside where I spend time kayaking... A bonus over AT&T, but I don't want to activate with T-Mobile if I cant get better than 2.5g where I spend most of my time (in town).

    Advice? Ideas?
    OK so no one answered my post...

    But I looked around this and other forums and decided to go with Straight Talk.

    They have an official "bring your own phone" policy and their Pre 2 subscribers seem to love them for speed and ease of use. They require that the phone receives @ 850 and 1900 mHz which is no problem for the unlocked Pre 2.

    BTW - Free Overnight Shipping on Sim cards and Sim cards bundled with the $45 / 30 DAY unlimited everything refill so long as you order by 4/23/2012...

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    did anyone hear of beigephone. is it reliable?
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    anyone out there?
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    Hey jack,

    Looks like from a previous post you have a Pixi + is that right?

    I never heard of Beige Phone so I looked them up. They are just a reseller and not a carrier from what I see.

    You are looking for a good carrier in your area for Pixi + would that be correct? Some more info on where you are, which phone and which version would really help someone to help you. Is it a GSM (SIM Card) phone or CDMA (SIMless)? Is it unlocked? Different carriers have more or less coverage depending on where you make home...
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