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    so the Palm Pre 2 finally arrived. That's great. I could order one from, but I read that it's a model with QWERTY-keyboard layout. So my question is: Will there be a Palm Pre 2 with a german (that is QWERTZ and maybe some tweaks for umlaute) keyboard layout anytime soon?
    Or won't that happen, because none of the german carriers seem to be interested in such a device? (As I read O2 and Vodaphone both said that they have no interest in a Palm Pre 2)

    Would be a pitty, because I'd like to get my hands on webos 2.0 as soon as possible... maybe I should by that Palm Pre 2 with QWERTY from UK... but I'd really like QWERTZ-Layout and if it's just to hand the Palm Pre 2 over to my girl-friend the day something new and more exiting comes out...

    I'm hoping that a german Palm Pre 2 will be released shortly. That would be real great.
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    I don't need the Palm Pre 2, i need WebOS 2.0
    So it would be real great to get the update for Palm Pre users.

    I never saw a company that is talking so much. But there is nothing new.
    All they do is saying " wow we got great stuff, and that is all so amazing and wonderfull"

    But Palm users are really very loyal, and they don't give up hoping to get new device releases and webos updates.

    But i think HP thinks, they are so great and have amazing stuff, they don't need to hurry.
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    I wouldn't count on that. Since O2 and V. do now both happily sell iPhone 4s here, the lack of interest in WebOS devices will stay, IMHO.

    But we do only have to pay $680,- for an unusable device, while poor U.S.C.s must pay $450,- for one they can't use on Sprint too.

    Sounds like a deal?

    Treated like that, my "loyalty" is just going *poof*
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    I don't care much about carriers selling phones... I bought my last 4 phones (including Palm Pre and Palm Pre Plus) from Amazon. If today there was a Palm Pre 2 with QWERTZ-keyboard on I would order it right away...

    Ahh.. I already got an answer to my inquiry at the shop:

    Bei dem Produkt Palm Pre 2 SimLock free ergeht sich leider um einen
    Smartphone mit QWERTY Tastatur.
    Momentan ist die deutsche Version von dem Gerät nicht erhältlich und
    wird auf dem Markt erst Ende Januar 2011 erscheinen.
    The Palm Pre 2 currently sold at the shop is QWERTY only. A version with QWERTZ is not available and will be released end of January 2011.

    Hm.. sounds not too bad, so the German market is not completely forgotten by HP/Palm. Maybe some more fancy devices will be released/announced by that time anyway... who knows.

    Hopefully O2 releases webOS 2.0 very early as the did with webOS 1.4.5. German O2 customers was the first people to get the update. They should repeat that.
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    Feb 2011? LMAO. I'm just fed up with waiting on Palms dilletantic device and software releases. Next year my WebOS adventure will be over.

    And, BTW, You will pobably pay €600,- for that, b/c those qwertz keyboards are soo damn expensive...
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    How important is qwertz versus qwerty anyway? I had to get used to qwertz at first (being used to azerty), but now it's more or less second nature. I don't think reflexes from a desktop keyboard are transferred to a phone keyboard anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by huso81 View Post
    But i think HP thinks, they are so great and have amazing stuff, they don't need to hurry.
    That's Apple...
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    It's a Late Goodbye, such a Late Goodbye.

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    umlaute and german speech works fine
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    well, if your so eager to buy a ridiculously overpriced phone thats not even localized correctly - just go ahead.

    your certainly the loyal customer Ruby is dreamin of...

    meanwhile the rest of us is movin on.
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    i did not buy it. A user from bought it. Im a mod there.

    i will wait for ne new hp devices in 2011.

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