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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    <<threads merged>>
    I just spent the past couple hours working on a thread that can also be merged with this one, or this one can be merged with it. I had no idea the mods were merging this topic already when I started the thread listed here:

    Whatever the mods decide to do, i belive the merged thread should be stickied.
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    Great info and well put together!

    Folks, if you have questions about which carrier to use with your Pre 2, please refer to TopTongueBarry's thread:
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    Quote Originally Posted by rmausser View Post
    It does, but only for the 3G. You could still use 2G or "EDGE" as its called.

    Not as fast, but itll work, if its a more affordable option.

    There is a hack to use the Mobile Hotspot on any network (On the Pre/Plus, not the Pre 2 but I could imagine it coming soon), so if you can do some slight modding (its easy and there is tons of documentation) then a network is not an issue to you.

    btw isnt Newfoundland beautiful? The people there are the nicest people I have ever met too.
    If 2G is not that much slower I could most likely live with it. I don't for see a need to do voice an data simultaneously. I am pretty basic in my use.

    Hot spot is a must. I just cannot see me using the phone to replace my laptop for 100% of my needs.
    I really can't say why but I seem to be shying away from Verizon. Also kinda like the versatility of the unlocked GSM phone.

    Yes the Newfoundlanders are wonderful people. ( At least the ones I know )
    My time in NL is spent in a small island fishing community. I have made many friends there and they have accepted me graciously as one of their own.
    When I arrive they will say " How long you home for, My Son"? I wish that I could say that I have established relationships in my home in NY that are like NL. But I cannot. There is a very different pace, philosophy or way of life in NL than what I experience in my state side home.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rmausser View Post
    Honestly though, the download speed of 3G is marginally faster than 2G.

    I dont think this should constitute a deal breaker.

    Infact, I use my Palm Pre on 2G only mode. It saves loads of battery

    Id say the Palm Pre 2 on T-Mobile is still an OK thing.

    (Actually I just want to see if the Pre 2 would put "T-Mobile" in the top corner of the screen or not lol)
    Does this mean that streaming YouTube videos under 2G/2.5G/Edge under T-Mobile would be acceptable and not require 3G?

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    Quote Originally Posted by precentral_id View Post
    Does this mean that streaming YouTube videos under 2G/2.5G/Edge under T-Mobile would be acceptable and not require 3G?

    Depends on your definition of acceptable. Personally, with the amount of browser usage/streaming music/YouTube video I do on my mobile device, I know I wouldn't be able to handle 2G speeds. As more and more websites grow more rich in media, and more and more apps are released that are optimized for higher data speeds, I don't see 2G getting any more tolerable.

    It really depends on what you can put up with. If you can, visit a T-Mobile store in your area and put one of their demo smartphones into 2G-only mode, then try out some of the features you're going to use the most. See if the speed's enough for you.
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    I have seen some posts that mention some sort of GSM network in the works for Verizon. Anyone have any information in regards to this?
    Think this would allow me to use an unlocked GSM Pre2 on Verizon?
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