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    There's a lot of question about slider keyboard on the Palm Pre 2. I've made a video to show everyone the Palm Pre 2 slider keyboard VS Palm pre plus slider keyboard.

    It's in French, but you'll understand body language !

    To sum up, Pre 2 slider is smoother than Pre plus slider and feels stronger.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RUSH View Post
    Note: French accent sound awesome.
    Thanks !
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    what about the keys themselves? are they more clicky like the Pixi?
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    Any other comments about the slider that are obvious to those who speak French? Like is the mechanism more robust? Does it seem better than the Palm Pre and Palm Pre Plus?

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    There's another thread around here that talks about this. It seems the slider mechanism design is the same. Quality control may be a little bit better, but that's a little hard to tell with our limited anecdotal information.

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