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    Quote Originally Posted by puzzlegal View Post
    Care to speculate further on that?
    Sure. I think Sprint wants their high-end phones with 4g radios. Whatever larger phones and tablets Palm has in the pipeline are more what I think Sprint wants.

    It makes no sense to try to cram another radio into the Pre2 to support wimax, and Sprint doesn't tend to pick up phones that are already old news on other carriers.

    So I would expect Palm to come up with a horizontal slider, a slab, and a tablet that Sprint will have by summer.

    But that's just a hunch. I've been wrong before. Just ask my wife!
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    most people will wait now till the HPalm show on Feb 9th. and if it turns out to be as exciting as they finally make it sound then most people will wait for the new super phone, or at least i will
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    Ya, Sprint likes their June 4G releases. Definitely could be the next WebOS device from Sprint, released in June. Won't be the Pre2, most likely a Evo type device, WebOS and 4G.
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    anyone interested in a plussed sprint pre with 2.0?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jemojc View Post
    anyone interested in a plussed sprint pre with 2.0?
    I bet Palm would be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by puzzlegal View Post
    Wait! So you you sell Palm Plus gadgets that run on Sprint?
    I think more precisely, he provides a service that will take your Sprint Pre Minus as well as a Pre Plus and swap the comm board from the Pre minus to the Pre Plus, making it into a Pre Plus that runs on Sprints CDMA network.

    You provide both phones. He provides the service.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wellwellwell11 View Post
    heres the rumor stating the pre 2 wont be on sale very long:

    Just as soon as the Palm Pre 2 hits the U.S. market, says a “tipster” to PhoneArena, its days will be numbered. After two months to be more exact, HP will discontinue production of the Palm Pre 2 in favor of its own new hardware coming down the pipeline.

    We have mixed emotions about this. On one hand, it’s a bit sad that we hardly will get to know the Pre 2, and we also have a hunch it will be the last phone carrying the Palm name. On the other hand, it’s good to know HP is paving the way for its own stellar hardware that we all know webOS deserves. … And again, these are just rumors here, folks. We’re merely passing ‘em along to you.

    RUMOR: Palm Pre 2 to be Discontinued Soon? | webOSroundup
    In the future is would be best to preface your statements as "rumor", instead of presenting them as fact. Helps keep confusion to a minimum. Thanks.
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    <<thread cleaned>>

    Please keep the chat about phones and service, and not about members themselves.

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