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    i got an offtopic question to this...
    If i unlocked the att pixi/pre and the new webos 2.0 will be pushed. will it block my phone sim again? or no?
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    I'm not talking about refunding my monies
    Well i was wondering if the new update will lock the modem or not if yes i wonder if i will be able to use the already generated unlock code... Hopefully the 2.0 update will not break my simlock ;]
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Even if the only locked GSM will be the SFR Pre 2.
    Because the French market is totally WORTH it!

    Vive la résistence!
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    Do you already have one?
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    Did you find someone that wants to send over his device so you can figure out the unlocking process?
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    In case this helps anyone. Its possible to unlock Pre 2 SFR with the help of Pre. If you change the comm board from Pre 2 into Pre and flash it with WebOS 1.4.5 doctor its possible to use the JIC Tech unlock client. After done unlocking the comm board can be moved back to Pre 2 and flashed with WebOS 2.0.0 doctor. At least this procedure worked for me.
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    GFN -- Thanks for the update. No Pre2 to offer on my part, but, looking towards the future, I see this being helpful. For example:

    Rogers --> rumoured to get the Pre2 soon. Knowing Rogers, I'd say it about a 99% guarantee it will ship SIM-locked. Of-course, depending on how well Rogers advertises it, it's hard to say how many new WebOS users will join the community as a result.

    Unless we get a surprise (ie: AT&T), Rogers might be the only N.American GSM Pre 2 offered with a carrier subsidy.
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