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IDK what OT is... sorry EDIT... I know.. Off Topic. But, I requested the coupon, the morning it was available on the HP Palm website. When I saw the news the Pre 2 was selling on HP.com I went and looked to see if there was any thing available there concerning the Dev discount they had said would be available. There were no new statements so I just went and ordered a Pre 2 at the full price. About an hour later the coupon link and discount amount was up and running so I clicked it then.

I got my follow up email on Tuesday afternoon (but after I left work) so I responded on Wed. morning. I exchanged emails a couple of times with the person because they wanted to make sure I knew the coupon could not be used retroactively and wanted to see if I still intended to purchase another device for dev work since they could see that I had already purchased one at full price. I explained that I did and why, one for safe troubleshooting and testing (which I do almost daily here on PC) and one for riskier hackery plus the type(s) of app I intend to develop. He said he would submit it but with the holiday pending it might be processed after. I assured him I was in no hurry and thanked him for his personal contact and time.
Thanks. It sounds great because it looks like they're working through them (and they seem to be open to handing the codes out for homebrew work -- always a good thing) as fast as they can (and we all know that with the PreCentral and webOSroundup publicity, there were probably 1000-2000 requests by this time for a coupon). I'm looking forward to my coupon code so I can start work with webOS 2.0 and the Pre2. Unfortunately, it seems it is taking a while for them to sort through everything (I didn't send my request in until late Thursday, got added to their spreadsheet on Friday by the person who handled my free Pre Plus and Pixi Plus request).

I've even got my GoPhone $5 phone (activated with a SIM) coming in tomorrow or Saturday, which will enable me to activate the Pre2 without having to hack through the first use app (which I hate doing), as well as guarantee app catalog access and OTA updates.