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    Hi Guys, I need an honest answer here. I can afford any smartphone out there right now and I'd like to get a Pre 2 sim free here in the UK. Do you think that's a good choice?
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    Really only you can answer the question. Would you be happy with the phone or not? If so then by all means get it. I for one would be happy with it, others would not. It's a personal choice.

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    It is a good choice,however take into account there are meant to be a slew of webOS devices in the pipeline.
    And imho 399 seems a tad pricey to me.
    Have you looked at a Pre+?
    More than 200 cheaper and when oc'd is essentially the same.

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    If you can afford it then get it. A very good decision. Until there are concrete evidence proven other phones available within a certain time. I would recommend getting the pre 2. Why get a pre/plus, when you get the upgraded pre 2.(i.e. Palm Pre 2 made official: 1GHz processor, 5MP camera, glass screen ...etc).

    You won't be disappointed.
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    I'm picking up a Pre 2. I just love the size and form factor. I had the opportunity to buy a Pre Plus for $100 brand new but turned it down. I can't live without a glass screen and more solid hardware. I use my phone naked and can't stand scratches on my screen. I also looked at the Droid Pro because I'm in the market for something with a portrait keyboard but it's just nowhere as nice. I have a Droid now, and I'm just gonna hang onto it just in case I want to play with Android every now and again.
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    if you dont yet have any webOS device, then go ahead. This is a much better OS all around than iOS or android (downside is no front camera, no other browsers, no google navigation).

    if you already have a pre/pre+ pixi/pixi+, then no, wait for the pre3.
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    I love the palm pre, but I hope they make some cosmetical changes to it. I think the top row of the keyboard is a bit tight and though i have gotten used to it, i remember how annoying it was. I am also loooking forward to it being faster!! go PRE!!!

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