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    Verizon 'broke' the search engine on their Galaxy S phone so that it has to use bing and it cannot be changed. Their reasoning for this is, Google search is reserved for their high class smartphones while the mid-range gets bing.

    So I was wondering, do you think Verizon will force webOS to use bing instead of Google? If so, that's hobo...

    P.S. If it is stuck with bing, that won't prevent me from getting the phone. What will is the fact that I want a bigger screen. I dontwant anything radically large. Shoot, even a 3.5" would be fine
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    Just based on observation of hands-on Pre 2 videos, I'd say that it most likely will have Google. The Just Type thing has the option to add search engines, and I think google is ore-loaded, if that's what you're asking.
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    We will have "Just Type" it will be a whole different ball ground.
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    current vzw pre and pixi plus have both google and bing search. Google is the default, but it can be switched to bing.

    the pre 2 should come with the same option.

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